How become philosopher?

Is a Greek word derived from the words Philo-Sophia, which means the application of wisdom or the love of wisdom. The person concerned with the study of philosophy is called a philosopher. Philosophy is interested in studying many of the related sciences, such as metaphysics, logic, , Beauty, and values.
Philosophy is based on the collection of all the studies, data and information related to the science which is interested in studying it. The philosopher works on discussing these sciences and elaborating on this, so that in this age we call every person who speaks a lot.
How to become a philosopher
In order for a man to become a philosopher, he must possess personal qualities, and he understands the philosophic studies on which philosophy is based.
Personal qualities of the philosopher
wisdom: The philosopher must have wisdom, which is the basis of philosophy. A wise man is capable of dealing with all the circumstances surrounding him, and he is prepared for it. He is the one who…

How to become an attractive personality

Tips to make human more attractive
There are some tips women can take to gain an attractive personality: [2]
Having good friends makes them attractive; because these kind of friends make them become more positive and attractive.
Interacting and staying with others, where women must be more attractive to others to be constantly available with people, so that relationships take a deeper orientation with others.
Deep conversations where women should try to ask questions to others, making them feel open to and deepen communication with them.
Keep the smile; it makes her face look more attractive.

Ways to get an attractive personality There are some ways in which man can be an attractive personality, namely: [1]
Do not take yourself seriously:  A woman should not take negative criticisms of others seriously; she must trust herself; she knows herself as others do not, and all relationships with others need not be strong and strong.
Do the right thing: Women must not strive to obtain the consent and co…

How to become a millionaire?

the rich
Every member of the community aspires to be rich and wealthy enough to live a dignified life in the family and to put him in the list of high and velvet classes. Although many find this realization impossible and difficult to achieve, Follow the correct ways and means to reach the gate of wealth, and from it to the high riches.
How to Become a Millionaire Making a serious plan is by drawing a serious plan
As well as the development of self-skills that enable the individual to deal professionally and professionally with those around him, such as negotiation methods and leadership skills and persuasion, while moving away from postponement of projects and objectives to be achieved, which will only lead to Wasting time, effort, and failure.
Establish relationships with important personalities Communicate with important personalities
At the community level, one of the most important ways to get the necessary facilities to complete the various projects and projects, so it is important f…

How to control your mind?

The use of positive positive behaviors A simple planning strategy can be developed that allows the mind to act automatically in certain situations so that the person makes a prior decision about what may happen to him. For example, he can say, "If you go to eat in a restaurant one day, I will choose a vegetarian meal," or "If someone abuses me, Deep breath and prepared for the ten before I act, "and it is noted that these actions will control the will and strengthen the ability to control the mind. [1]
Control of the process of thinking The control of the process of thinking or mind means to meditate or give the body a quiet time to think, and people can apply it by focusing on the rhythm of breathing while sitting or on trees and flowers while walking in nature, the mind is moving in all directions, where Is exposed to old fears, unresolved problems and other negative things; leaving unchecked will be controlled by anxiety and fear, and will be difficult to control…

How to change your life for the better?

How to change the life of the best change for the better in the life of the individual requires a set of interrelated things linked each other complementing the other, such as the motives for change, any person is capable of change and has no motive or reasons for it, the failure will be an inevitable result , And failure is its fate. Therefore, the decision to change life is not only a bright slogan echoed by many people, and is called by the active groups, but is a life curriculum accompanied by the belief of my heart, the goal of change for the better, and closer to God, based on established rules and established,  Ensure his success and continue his career and progress,  In which he asks for help and success from God Almighty. If there is no help from God to the young man, then the first thing that will be judged by his diligence
 Knowing the importance of change Many people suffer from depression and boredom of life and routine, and wish that the change in his life, and break all the…