How become philosopher?


Is a Greek word derived from the words Philo-Sophia, which means the application of wisdom or the love of wisdom. The person concerned with the study of philosophy is called a philosopher. Philosophy is interested in studying many of the related sciences, such as metaphysics, logic, , Beauty, and values.

Philosophy is based on the collection of all the studies, data and information related to the science which is interested in studying it. The philosopher works on discussing these sciences and elaborating on this, so that in this age we call every person who speaks a lot.

How to become a philosopher

In order for a man to become a philosopher, he must possess personal qualities, and he understands the philosophic studies on which philosophy is based.

Personal qualities of the philosopher

The philosopher must have wisdom, which is the basis of philosophy. A wise man is capable of dealing with all the circumstances surrounding him, and he is prepared for it. He is the one who can absorb the positions that he has with him through the experience he has gained in life, Wise.

Dialog Style:
The dialogue method reflects the person's philosophy of dealing with others. When the dialogue is calm, respectful, and accommodating to the other opinions, which differ from his personal opinion, then he is capable of dialogue with rational and logical philosophy, with all the people he sits with. Dialogue is a method of communication, The successful is able to master the dialogue in a technical way.

 It is the philosopher who is capable of persuading others, even if they are not convinced from the beginning, or can make them accept them even if they do not act as a curriculum. When a philosopher is easily fluent in language, speech, and good character, They want to listen to him and to his philosophy.

 The philosopher must be quick and intuitive, so that he can deal with the different situations that occur with him, some people try to rhythm in some situations and dialectical dialogues, and the philosopher is able to dialogue with, and with, and analysis, so that he can overcome the stutter during his speech, or that He makes a mistake in issuing his opinion about it.

Philosophical Studies
 The philosophy of philosophy is to study some of the things and sciences that are directly related to it, and must be recognized by the person or specialized in one of them until he becomes a philosopher:

The Science of Nature:
This science is called Metaphysics, according to its Greek name. It is concerned with the study of the nature of things, their relation to reality, especially those related to human reality, or to the universal reality as nature.

 He is interested in studying rational things, and judging things according to reason, through the use of evidence and arguments, which lead to convincing results.

 Refers to the customs, traditions and moral legacies that man lived and raised, which help him to distinguish between good and evil.

 They are interested in identifying, source, value, nature, boundaries of knowledge, their relationship with people, truth and faith.

Philosophies of beauty, and religion

 Science The philosophy of beauty is concerned with measuring the knowledge of aesthetic creativity that exists in reality and life, by studying feelings, thoughts and attitudes.

Religion's philosophy is concerned with the analysis of religious knowledge, evidence, evidence, and beliefs.

The philosophy of science is concerned with linking science with philosophy, interpreting phenomena resulting from different sciences, and simulating reality.


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