How to change your life for the better?

How to change the life of the best change for the better in the life of the individual requires a set of interrelated things linked each other complementing the other, such as the motives for change, any person is capable of change and has no motive or reasons for it, the failure will be an inevitable result
, And failure is its fate. Therefore, the decision to change life is not only a bright slogan echoed by many people, and is called by the active groups, but is a life curriculum accompanied by the belief of my heart, the goal of change for the better, and closer to God, based on established rules and established,
 Ensure his success and continue his career and progress,
 In which he asks for help and success from God Almighty. If there is no help from God to the young man, then the first thing that will be judged by his diligence

 Knowing the importance of change Many people suffer from depression and boredom of life and routine, and wish that the change in his life, and break all the constraints that hinder movement, but remains silent wondering how and when and why change,
 Can it overcome its crises? Indeed, one's willpower and strength of patience overcome all the circumstances and difficulties surrounding it no matter how difficult,

 But he who devotes these difficulties to serve him, and benefit from them to be a motive and a fertile ground for his experiences and experiences. A strong man who feels important and that life, circumstances and difficulties are a means of increasing his strength and humanity,
He realizes that his innate powers can do a great deal, and do much, not wait for salvation from anyone, and there is no room to slow down or wait, as age passes, and the wheel of time goes on. It is more beautiful to reorganize oneself from time to time,
 And sit with them to see the weaknesses and stagnation, and criticizes and strengthens, and to develop short-term and long-term policies to save what can be saved,
 And get rid of stagnation and stagnation, and start again with vigor and activity armed with hope,
 Happiness and optimism for a promising future.
 The change starts from the individual is the basis, and then comes the rise and change of the society in which he lives, the individual in reciprocal relations with his community, the individual actor and thinker takes his community to the summit and glory, and the strong and successful community offers its members all the conditions specific to the development and success

Recognizing the motivations and causes of change One asks oneself why I have decided to change my life, and what is the motive for change. Successful change is based on the causes, problems or goals that you are required to achieve.

A strong Muslim is of great benefit and superior to God; he is above the status of the one who is satisfied with himself, and has moved away from others; he has not spread interest, and has not left an impact, and an act that receives reward and reward. In the change in response to the command of God Almighty, when he called the believers to diligence and work, so as not to be dependent on others, and that God Almighty will reward them for their work on the Day of Resurrection, the Almighty said: (Say do work God will work and His Messenger and believers and you will respond to the world of the unseen and witness Including what you do)

To achieve self, excellence and success in life; and this is what every person seeks to have its value and weight and success among the people, the oldest work of the benefit of other people, won the charity of the world and the Hereafter, it achieved the same and success in this world, and win the satisfaction of God and reward. And there is no contradiction between the success of the world and the success of the Hereafter. They both go in one way, so keen on renewing the intention of God and benefiting mankind from His works.

Perhaps one of the most important reasons for the change that man seeks, happiness and happiness in this world, how the miserable miserable miserable old man to commit suicide or loss because of the psychological and emotional position in front of him standing idly by, so that difficulties meet him and consume his strengths, becomes weak weak will The self, the troubled benefits these qualities that met in the individual perished, so it was necessary for him to change for the better, and save what can be saved from himself, which deserves to live and succeed for it

To get rid of problems, to overcome the problem of human, makes him standing do not know what to do, and in any direction, and the solution of these problems is change; which is the starting point.

To eliminate the boredom; life needs to change constantly, to keep the specter of boredom, if the daily habits in the home, for example, unchanged, and the meeting in the same way, and work in the same style, life has become only days repeated, overwhelmed by boredom, and suffered depression and depression , It is not harmful to the human that the latest change, such as eating outside the house, or change the status of furniture of the house, these things are small but they have the greatest benefit in changing the human psyche for the better, and feel comfortable and active, and provide a human card to work happily.

Determining the Things to Change Creating a list that identifies the problem to be treated or changed. People often search for a means of salvation from the status quo, without a precise definition of the problem that has caused the confusion of the individual, and after identifying the problem, the reasons for its emergence Possible solutions to this problem.

Writing dreams It is nice to know what one wants from life, to set goals that he intends to achieve, and dreams that he wishes, and paints in his mind; Pink dreams are often a cause of happiness of the human, and renewed activity, and start to work hard and diligent, without tireless or boredom. Whatever obstacles, obstacles, and disdain, he will skip them, smiling, to pursue the path of dreams that he sees in his vigilance, to make him a tangible reality whose effects show happiness and joy.

The inherent power Every human being has a powerful inner force that is distinguished from other people, a force that enjoys life, radiate light, and has to invest in this inner strength, to provide it with energy to continue the path of change and success and to bring out the best of the hidden creations and talents awaiting its discovery.

Shaving with the eagles to benefit from the success and experience of others is the greatest in the path of success and change, benefiting from the experiences of others, and mistakes in which they fell away from them and away from them, and recognize the strengths that were the cause of their launch and excellence; people excel in their lives gain must be invested, Near him, and the weak owners of the delinquent and repeated failures on the human away from them and avoid them, and always remember the old saying: (If you want to be a tiger must fly with the eagles).


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