How to control your mind?

The use of positive positive behaviors A simple planning strategy can be developed that allows the mind to act automatically in certain situations so that the person makes a prior decision about what may happen to him. For example, he can say, "If you go to eat in a restaurant one day, I will choose a vegetarian meal," or "If someone abuses me, Deep breath and prepared for the ten before I act, "and it is noted that these actions will control the will and strengthen the ability to control the mind. [1]

Control of the process of thinking The control of the process of thinking or mind means to meditate or give the body a quiet time to think, and people can apply it by focusing on the rhythm of breathing while sitting or on trees and flowers while walking in nature, the mind is moving in all directions, where Is exposed to old fears, unresolved problems and other negative things; leaving unchecked will be controlled by anxiety and fear, and will be difficult to control later. On the other hand, meditation does not only contribute to knowing what things the mind thinks, For the act he is currently doing - breathing, eating, working or otherwise. In the long term, man will be able to control his mind more professionally. [2] On the other hand, observing the course of thinking involves discovering the mistakes that may occur in the mind And then corrected, and this will enhance the ability of brain cells to find the correct way to analyze and correct the errors that may occur more effectively. [3]

Peace with reason Most people do not like the way their mind sometimes thinks, and it is impossible or impossible to stop those negative thoughts or feelings. This is normal. People do not necessarily agree or admire all the ideas that pass through their mind. Ideas are as they are, rather than focusing on them continuing to progress towards the goals. [2]

Dispose of internal criticism Internal criticism is one of the things that control the mind negatively, and the elimination of it by overcoming the causes, the words that are directed by others to others, or ideas that were built according to personal expectations or expectations of others, and compare self to others, and blame Self and hold them responsible for some difficult experiences such as betrayal or rejection .. [4]


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